The global switch to remote working led to hasty rethinks regarding the provision of network access and security privileges. But, in the haste to implement new solutions, many organizations sacrificed security for the sake of rapid access.


Legacy approaches and existing first-gen ZTNA solutions aren’t aligned to these new business needs and fail to adequately secure today’s work-from-anywhere users and direct-to-app architectures.


Join us for an exclusive event where experts from Palo Alto Networks would share insights and best practices on how successful organizations are achieving better security outcomes for their hybrid workers for greater flexibility, scalability and resilience.


Discussion topics will include:

- How our environment has changed and why ZNTA 1.0 falls short in securing today’s hybrid workforces?
- What are the core tenets of ZTNA 2.0 and how do they solve today’s security challenges?
- What are the key use cases to get started on your ZTNA 2.0 journey?

We look forward to seeing you!

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