Open Source Solutions

Enterprises are under immense pressure to reduce costs and gain competitive edge by creating differentiation in the global market which has triggered the market for Open source adoption as it comes with greater flexibility, open standards and lower total cost of ownership. But due to shortage & sometimes lack of skilled manpower to deploy & manage open source projects, companies are not able to leverage the technology and cost optimization that comes with Open source.

At GBB, We have invested in building up an Open source practice through our newly established Research & Development labs which is a dedicated facility for building best practices around Open Source.  Through constant innovation, we are able to offer cost-efficient, enterprise ready, reliable, secure, and scalable open source solutions namely:

  • LDAP : Master-master replication, Windows & Linux authentication with LDAP,
  • Proxy : Content filtering, Caching, Reporting, Authentication, Transparent with SSL bump
  • Virtualization: KVM, OpenVZ, Docker, LXC,
  • VPN: OpenVPN
  • Firewall: iptables, firewalld. Pfsense distribution for VPN and firewall , link and Server load balancing.
  • Cloud solutions – Cloud Stack & OpenStack deployments
  • Backups: Rsnapshot, Cobian Backup
  • Automation / DevOps: Chef, puppet, cfengine, ansible.   Gitlab, jenkins.
  • Email: Zimbra, Sendmail, Postfix, Google apps for work.
  • VA/PT: Nessus, Metaexploit, nmap, nikto, john, cain & abel,
  • Monitoring: Nagios, Cacti, MRTG, etc.  Wireshark based capture.
  • Ticketing: OsTicket, Redmine, Jira,
  • Filesharing: Owncloud, Samba, NFS, Windows file sharing, Cfile, etc.
  • Linux system administration – Installation, Configuration
  • Migration from Windows / Mac to Linux for clients &  servers


GBB is an IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services Company focused on helping customers transform their businesses through innovative and optimal use of technology. We offer end to end IT solutions partnering with the best vendors in the respective practice/area of our focus.

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