The Complete IT Infrastructure Services Company: GBB

Delivering innovative and cost optimized solutions to hundreds of large and medium enterprises across multiple industry verticals


Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Growing businesses with limited IT resources & today’s agile development environments have…

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Expert network engineers at GBB excel in the design, deployment, and management…

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Information Security

One of the biggest challenges facing IT today is incorporating reliable and effective data security

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Backup Automation

Regardless of how large or small your business may be, data is an essential aspect of running it…

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Cloud Computing

With the evolution of cloud computing, the advancement of applications and the improvement in Internet connectivity

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High Performance Computing

We believe that HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions are playing a crucial role in …

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Our Centre of Excellence was established back in the year 2008 to showcase the best practices & aspects of Server Consolidation which has evolved over the years.Our engineers work closely with our customers in investigating & understanding their pain areas, post which we investigate, evaluate and even conduct proof of concepts on the possible solutions and options… More


GBB is an IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services Company focused on helping customers transform their businesses through innovative and optimal use of technology. We offer end to end IT solutions partnering with the best vendors in the respective practice/area of our focus.


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