Open Source

Free and Open Source Software (often referred to as FOSS) is powering millions of servers, end points, smart phones and other devices.  Today Stock exchanges, Banks, Government Departments, Nuclear Power Plants, International Space Station, Most of worlds supercomputers, etc. are running on platforms based on FOSS.   Further, with the rise of Internet, FOSS has become truly ubiquitous.  A simple visit to a website involves the use of several FOSS such as the DNS server, the web proxy cache, the web server, the server side scripting language and even the browser used are likely to be Open Source.

The best part of FOSS culture is that the source code is freely available without any restrictions.  The key players in the FOSS ecosystem are the community of users across the globe who keep constantly ideating, designing, fixing bugs & contributing to the overall source code.  Further, all Open Source is liberated, in the sense it is not owned by anyone and, hence, free to be modified and worked upon by just anybody.  This provides a great deal of flexibility as enterprises can customize according to requirements. Open Source software also allows for interoperability, enabling business users to integrate products from different vendors.

With economic uncertainty prevailing in the last few years & year on year IT budgets getting slashed, enterprises are exploring FOSS as an option as it offers a better economic and security model.  Convinced of the merits & security that comes with FOSS, large number of customers have started to utilize it for their mission critical workloads.  This trend is set to increase exponentially in the times to come.

Open Source software may be less expensive than compared to the commercial products, but it comes with its own set of challenges like finding suitable support, internal resistance to change/adapt internally & lack of training.  We at GBB understand these industry challenges very well & have been addressing them in growing numbers year on year.

We now have invested in building up an dedicated Open source practice through our newly established Research & Development labs.  Today, we offer wide portfolio of cost-efficient, enterprise ready, reliable, secure, and scalable open source solutions namely:

LDAP : Master-master replication, Windows & Linux authentication with LDAP,
Proxy : Content filtering, Caching, Reporting, Authentication, Transparent with SSL bump
Virtualization: KVM, OpenVZ, Docker, LXC, proxmox
Firewall: iptables, firewalld. Pfsense distribution for VPN and firewall, link and Server load balancing.
Cloud solutions – Cloud Stack & OpenStack deployments
Backups: Rsnapshot
Automation / DevOps: Chef, puppet, cfengine, ansible.   Gitlab, jenkins.
Email: Zimbra, Sendmail, Postfix
VA/PT: Nessus, Metaexploit, nmap, nikto, john
Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG
Ticketing: Redmine, iTop, OsTicket
Filesharing: Owncloud with onlyoffice, Samba, NFS, Windows file sharing, etc.
Linux system administration – Installation, Configuration
Migration from Windows / Mac to Linux for clients &  servers
DNS – Bind, dnsmasq
High Availability services : haproxy clustering, mariadb galera clustering, linux pacemaker clustering (esp. for SAP HANA)


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