AI and HPC: The Merger That Will Make Room For More Innovation

Technology has had a history of numerous products that were developed for one task and later they were tweaked or merged with one or more technologies for providing a better solution to a whole different problem. We are going to talk about a similar case here that has brought a revolution in the IT industry. […]

Address All Your Business Needs With A Hyper-converged Solution

hyper-converged solution for business

Let me start with some questions. Is the technology that you use at your business keeping pace with your needs or giving you frequent headaches? Are you in search of something that is more cost-efficient and that has better redundancy? If your answer to all the above questions is a YES, then a hyper-converged solution […]

3 Steps That Make Cloud Migration Easy

We generate tons of data every day. We send and receive this data to various people and institutions multiple times as well. Now, when so much is happening, cloud migration makes sense. Right? But first, here’s what cloud migration really means: “When data related to a business, its applications, and all its components are stored […]


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