High Performance Computing

We believe that HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions are playing a crucial role in solving some big issues such as climate change, curing deadly diseases & solving the complexities of genomics.

High Performance Computing Solutions

At GBB, we constantly collaborate, build, validate, and deliver secure, innovative, production-level HPC solutions with cutting-edge technologies and services.

Our solutions scale up or scale out, on-premises or in the cloud depending on the nature of your workloads and type of the Applications.

As a dedicated high performance computing company, GBB specializes in deploying highly customized turn-key HPC clusters— utilizing out-of-the-box technology — to companies and organizations with specialized computing needs.

We have deployed HPC systems for some of the most prestigious universities based out of India.

Types of clusters we deploy as a high performance computing company

Types of Clusters


HPC clusters are characterized by many cores and processors, lots of memory, high-speed networking, and large data stores– all shared across many rack-mounted servers.


A GPU cluster is a computer cluster in which each node is equipped with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). By harnessing the computational power of modern GPUs via General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), very fast calculations can be performed with a GPU cluster.


A visualization cluster is an HPC cluster with the addition of powerful graphics cards, normally designed to work in sync with each other to tackle high-resolution and real time simulations.


As a high performance computing company, we have highly trained and experienced technicians, who will be working closely with you/your team to ensure that a validated & optimized solution that’s ideal for your workloads would be deployed.

By using our strong multi- vendor relationships and technical expertise, we are able to build customized, turn-key HPC clusters, often much more quickly than other vendors.

Dedicated engineers at our R&D Centre are always evaluating the newest technology in order to stay ahead in the HPC space & to bring in the best practices that are acquainted during their research.

During the Pre-sales stage & even after deployment, as a high performance computing company, we ensure that our customers would be assigned a dedicated system engineer who designed, built and tested their cluster, meaning they won’t be required to call our help desk.


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