Optimize your SAP /SAP HANA Infrastructure

GBB has developed a strong systems management and support practice for SAP Infrastructure. We offer turnkey Infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA which includes Backup Automation, Archival Solutions ,Network Design, Security check-ups & Disaster Recovery in addition to the Core Infrastructure (Compute & Storage) that’s optimized for SAP /SAP HANA .

We even offer best practices and recommendations for configuring, deploying, and optimizing SAP HANA Scale-Up and Scale-Out deployments regardless of the platforms (INTEL on SUSE / Power on SUSE /Power on Unix / Virtualized).
Leverage our deep SAP and SAP HANA expertise to designing , optimizing & implementation of your SAP HANA Infrastructure based on our industry best practices combined experience of working with diverse SAP implementation partners across multiple industry verticals.

Our Partners



GBB is an IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services Company focused on helping customers transform their businesses through innovative and optimal use of technology. We offer end to end IT solutions partnering with the best vendors in the respective practice/area of our focus.

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