Optimize your SAP /SAP HANA Infrastructure

GBB has developed a strong systems management and support practice for SAP Infrastructure. We offer turnkey Infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA which includes Backup Automation, Archival Solutions ,Network Design, Security check-ups & Disaster Recovery in addition to the Core Infrastructure (Compute & Storage) that’s optimized for SAP /SAP HANA .

We even offer best practices and recommendations for configuring, deploying, and optimizing SAP HANA Scale-Up and Scale-Out deployments regardless of the platforms (INTEL on SUSE / Power on SUSE /Power on Unix / Virtualized).

Leverage our deep SAP and SAP HANA expertise to designing , optimizing & implementation of your SAP HANA Infrastructure based on our industry best practices combined experience of working with diverse SAP implementation partners across multiple industry verticals.

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