Why GBB is leading the WFH (Work from Home) Space

The sudden spread of global pandemic, COVID-19, has changed the entire lifestyle of every individual and especially the work front. The ongoing lockdown to curb the spread of the virus has compelled people to adopt Work from Home (WFH). Not only are people trying to cope up with this new normal, but the situation has also thrown a challenge to the technology partner community to gear up to meet the challenges and demands of the present situation. In a chat with VARINDIA, Subbaram Gowra, /Managing Director, Gowra Bits & Bytes, discusses about the rising demand of remote work, challenges of WFH, Remote Work Solutions, etc.


There is an unprecedented spike in remote work today. How are your customers geared up for this new age of remote workforce?

There are some interesting discussions happening around this aspect, more than the customers alone, we as an ecosystem or an industry must be geared up for this challenge now and for the unforeseen/uncertain future.


As a leading solutions provider, how is Gowra Bits & Bytes geared to address the growing adoption of Work from Home (WFH) challenges?

As an end-to-end System Integrator, we have dedicated SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with in-depth hands-on experience cutting across areas like Network Transformation, Backup Automation, Information Security, etc. Till now, we have orchestrated and even successfully delivered more than 200+ turnkey IT Infrastructure projects, the nature of them being mostly complex. This experience helped us better understand the challenges and quickly come up with cost effective WFH (Work from Home) solutions.


In your view, what are some of the key challenges faced by employees while working remotely, especially in India? How are you working with Dell Technologies to help your customers sail through these challenges?

What I feel is that it is more to do with a sudden culture change (like work distractions, motivation levels, time management, etc.). Of course, the internet speed and the quality of the service delivered by the local ISPs does matter a lot too for effective work delivery. The advantage of working with Dell Technologies is that they have a huge portfolio of solutions with workstations, laptops, thin clients or deploying “VMware Workspace One” solutions.


Employee experience and productivity is becoming extremely important while enabling Remote Work solutions. Therefore, RWS is not just about devices but the entire ecosystem like displays and right peripherals too. What is your take on it?

It really matters what the budget or maturity of the customer is. The huge portfolio of products and solutions from Dell Technologies made our life much easier and as a System Integrator, all we needed was an absolute clarity on the scope of work and challenges.


Working Remotely is also leading to crucial data being exposed to cybercriminals. How are you supporting your customer’s business-critical technology needs with Dell Technologies solutions?

Traditional, RDP or VPN Solutions which are normally used as a WFH solution are not full proof and secure. Luckily, we have various options like Multi-factor Authentication, Encryption and Application Access Gateway Solutions, which could be used as stand alone or in combination, depending on the customer’s challenge or the scenario in a way which enables users working from any network be IT trusted LAN or untrusted WAN or internet or mobile network to securely access corporate resources without requiring any network changes.


Subbaram Gowra, Managing Director, Gowra Bits & Bytes

The above article is published in Varindia Magazine
Secure Document Sharing for Businesses
By: Subbaram Gowra | Aug 06, 2020

While there are many consumer grade cloud based file sharing services/sites which provide a convenient way to share, edit, and access documents and information, and though most of them come with features like Password protection & SSL Encryption, these tools are necessarily not the right fit for business as they lack features like Two Factor Authentication(2FA), Single Sign-On(SSO), AD Integration, Virtual Data Room, appropriate visibility, security controls, including access control, expiring file access, compliance and e-discovery etc. One must keep in mind the consequences of losing valuable data just in case if the files/data fall into the wrong hands, if employees aren't careful and proper policies are not in place. Once an unauthorized party gains access to your file-sharing service, it's difficult to mitigate what they accessed and just how far your private information has spread, hence it would be wise to consider paying for a service that offers a comprehensive & robust enterprise grade solution.

Enterprises especially those involved in sharing confidential documents pertaining to the M&A due diligence process, Sensitive information related to R&D, processes pertaining to the Quality control (QC) Labs or designs pertaining to pre-production etc. with their employees, clients & contractors have to do a thorough due diligence of their processes, security, regulatory compliance needs, understand the nature of the files, storage capacity etc. before freezing the right enterprise grade secure share file service.

Some common use cases that require businesses to share files securely include financial transactions like mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, IPOs, and other events where companies must send private information to outside parties.

Prospective investors & Board members often insist on being heavily involved with a company’s leadership team and other aspects of the operations sometimes on a daily basis depending on the nature of the engagement. But making such frequent visits by the investors to the investee’s office or by the board members to the office headquarters at least physically is almost impossible while the key personnel are scattered across globe or multiple offices, hence it’s crucial to have a purpose-built “Virtual data room” (VDR) in place that goes above and beyond to provide enhanced and innovative security features which would ensure that the sensitive corporate documents are stored & shared quickly and safely, then granting access to set of legitimate users only as required.

Still, trying to figure out the way?

Here is the check-list of the features that might help you freeze the most optimal “Secure file Sharing” Software:

  • Should support a wide range of file types including Adobe Acrobat Reader,  word documents, slideshows, email, databases, music files (though you'll need a third-party player to stream them) &  videos, etc.
  • Should be able to support features like Link expiration & watermarking that can't be stripped from the document, even support print and screen capture restrictions which should deter users from sharing unauthorized screenshots or photos of documents
  • Should support versioning meaning each time a change is made to document, the tool should automatically create a new version of a document and you should be able to determine the number of versions you want to keep before older versions are moved to the trash folder, etc.
  • A central portal (with custom branding feature that lets you incorporate your company's logo & create your own URL) where you /your legitimate employees can easily share files and collaborate with each other’s & with external parties like contractors, consultants, etc. according to the detailed folder permissions & restrictions such as editing, copy/paste, and change classifications, etc.
  • Should support 256-bit AES encryption (in transit and at rest) over SSL, Two-factor authentication, and single sign-on. The platform should enable the administrator to remotely wipe devices of sensitive data in the event that a device is lost or stolen.
  • Should have a hybrid cloud and local storage solution option which could enable continuous synchronization between local files and online copies so that the changes are also tracked & synched with the redundancy of data so that if one source fails, you still have another source to access your files.
  • Integration with 3rd party applications like Email platforms, eSignature solutions & DMS would further enhance the feasibility. Also make sure the platform supports compliances such as HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, GLBA compliance, and more.
  • The platform should give users a single, secure point of access to all data, regardless of environment or endpoints such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows-based systems & devices such as Smartphones, Desktops & tablet, etc.

Should be able to review individual login sessions for even greater insight into how your data is being accessed & transferred. Advanced analytics features should give a deep insight on the most active users, most viewed documents, longest viewed documents and recent searches.

Give us a shout, if you are interested in adapting a similar solution for your business?

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GBB is an IT solutions consulting and implementation partner focused on helping customers transform their businesses through innovative use of technology by partnering with the best solution vendors. “Customer delight” is what we firmly believe in & practice this philosophy day in & out.

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Why it’s time to transform your Network Infrastructure
By: Subbaram Gowra | July 17, 2020

As organizations globally, across industry segments, gear towards digital transformation many of them realize that it’s going to be a daunting task unless they adapt to more holistic approach to this transformation since company’s legacy networks usually has a single ingress/egress points to take care of the organization wide security.

Traditional infrastructure always had an integrated control and data plane, hence configuration changes had to be made manually which was time consuming and lacked agility. Network issues are also usually problematic to resolve over the traditional WANs, because legacy networks were designed for client-server environments, in which the majority of traffic went from corporate Data centres to the branch locations.

Today, users are connecting from off-campus locations, branches, discrete Mobile devices (Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.). Further, adaptation of IoT, cloud computing coupled with “Work from Home” policies (which would only get further intensified due to unpredictable Covid-19 situation) all being network centric have created many new entry points and shifted the traffic to the edge of the network thereby creating unforeseen security challenges that directly impact the overall network performance.

This would compel many companies to place more data at the edge of their networks without having to compromise the security of the data. While this may sound simple, it’s going to be a quiet a task in practical terms as it requires rigorous enforcement around access & data compliance across the organization which will need board-level resolutions, at least for large corporations and public limited companies. Having said, even the most stringent security measures are useless if you have an underperforming network.

Therefore companies should invest time & money in transforming their network in order to succeed in their digital journey, those that don’t transform will struggle because application performance and client experience will also suffer, and the likelihood of breaches are bound to grow exponentially.

Let’s look at few aspects that every IT Leader & organization should implement in order to stay relevant & of course to add value to their clients (both internal and external).

network automation companies


Networks across organizations have been traditionally managed manually leading to the repetition of monotonous tasks thereby reducing the efficiency of network engineers. Please note, implementing network automation to reduce the number of humans is not what I meant here, rather implement network automation that correlates data from multiple appliances such as routers, switches, firewall appliances & sources like event logs, configuration files etc.  thereby providing deeper insights into performance, utilization, security and resource allocation of the IT assets ultimately enabling network engineers to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Embrace SDN

Today’s networks need to be highly agile so that changes can be propagated across the network real-time in order to keep up with the demands of the business & applications. Network agility comes from having centralized control where configuration changes can be made once and propagated across the network instantly. With an SDN, the control plane is separated from the data plane which enables the network team to define a change and push it out across the entire network.

sdn network companies
cloud computing companies

Prioritize security

With digital transformation, organizations are exposed to emerging risks ranging from DDoS, ransomware, Phishing, malware attacks etc. In order to mitigate these emerging and ever evolving threats, customers should also transform their end to end security posture of the organization with tools like multi-factor authentication(MFA), firewalls on-premises and in the cloud, end-to-end encryption etc.


Last but not the least because despite having the best of technology in place, most organization struggle to achieve agility due to lack of internal education across the functions & departments hence it’s best is to have constant education & training programs for the workforce so that they are on constant vigil & don’t fall prey for malware & phishing kind of attacks.

network automation companies

GBB is a IT solutions consulting and implementation partner focused on helping customers transform their businesses through innovative use of technology by partnering with the best solution vendors. “Customer delight” is what we firmly believe in & practice this philosophy day in & out.

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