Cloud Repatriation – Why companies opting it

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Cloud Repatriation
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Cloud repatriation become more popular in recent years. Trend shows that many businesses that have adopted cloud first strategies have seen rise in cost, performance drop, compliance issues and are now started migrating the data from public cloud environment. Companies are now taking a more conservative approach to cloud adoption, repatriating some workloads to other available infrastructures. As part of ongoing infrastructure modernization and optimization efforts, these repatriated workloads are now being deployed across multiple platforms and various models.


Why this Cloud Repatriation

What drives companies to engage in cloud repatriation? It turns out that failing to specify the business goal of a cloud migration, along with poor migration planning ultimately results in disappointments. Furthermore, the reality of a cloud deployment can be so different from what a business executive or an IT leader were expected. This ultimately results in cloud repatriation. The real issue can be pointed as the enterprises are assuming cloud works just like their corporate data centre and the cloud service providers are claiming their cloud services are easy and less expensive. The cloud repatriation phenomenon we see today is due to these fundamental misunderstandings.


No proper planning

A lot of organizations are migrating their systems to the cloud. However, not all of them are doing it in a planned way. This can lead to numerous problems for the company. Cloud migration is a complex process that requires careful planning and implementation and lacking of them leads to failure.  Many companies rushed to the cloud without conducting the essential assessments and planning. Without a roadmap or planning, the cloud can be complex, expensive and less secure. Poor initial road mapping and failed migrations are ultimately resulting in cloud repatriation.


Cost Factor – which is not always the way companies think

IT leaders must reconcile the migration with incoming analyses and reports once they’ve moved to the cloud. Unfortunately, errors in the evaluation and relocation planning have resulted in less than expected results. Cost is one of the possible factors in cloud migration.

Though In practise, cloud expenses for a task can include numbers of related and required resources. This can include expenses for server instances, storages, related required paid services, and other costs that aren’t visible when deploying a workload to the public cloud. And hence, the complex cloud workloads may cost more than expected.

Companies may have overestimated the cost savings from the cloud and when concluded companies repatriate in order to get the required objectives.


Security and vulnerability

The public cloud is not intrinsically less secure than a private data centre from technology perspective. When data leaks or improper access occurs, the cause is frequently attributed to the cloud user’s lack of setting and precaution. In many cases it was found that many companies understand this too late. Given the nature of remote access, granular access control within the public cloud, and the added security expectations of modern corporate and regulatory compliance, some important tasks may not be suitable for the cloud. Emerging news about several data breaches on cloud servers make the IT leaders to rethink about the cloud migration, or they may believe that a more diversified cloud storage approach better suits their needs. All these things make the companies shift back to on-premise infrastructure.

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